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Welcome to Australian Education Center, education, visa and immigration experts. We belong to an international education and visa services group with over 21 years of experience connecting students with educational programs abroad, and providing advice on visas. We provide education consultancy services and assistance with temporary and permanent visas for education, business, training, migration, tourism, investment, retirement, parenting, and marriage.

Australian Education Center is known for our honesty, our patience, and our friendly customer service. We respect you, and we respect your time. We do not give false promises, and we do not create false hopes. Instead we ask you what you want to do, and where you want to go; we then give you our honest recommendations and advice, helping you to achieve your goals.

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I knew what I wanted, and I knew where I wanted to be – all I needed was some help getting there. Australian Education Center gave me that help. From selecting the best MBA program, to getting me my student visa on the first attempt, Australian Education Center came through. I am now earning my MBA, with a concentration in finance, and learning German, here in Frankfurt, the financial heart of the Eurozone. Australian Education Center helped turn my dreams into a reality.

When I tried figuring out Australia’s student visa rules on my own, I was totally lost. Then I contacted Australian Education Center, and they guided me through the whole process. They walked me through Australia’s Simplified Student Visa Framework, and they helped me win my subclass 500 student visa to study in Australia. Australian Education Center didn’t just talk; they delivered. Thank you Australian Education Center.