Malaysia kicked out the British in 1957, more than 50 years ago, and ever since then, Malaysia’s economy has been growing by leaps and bounds. Few countries in the world can match the pace of Malaysia’s economic growth- an average of 6.5% GDP growth per year for almost half a century, which is an incredible achievement. The country is rich not only in natural resources but also in human resources: it has an amazing diversity of cultures, races, religions and ethnicities.

There are two parts of Malaysia: eleven states in the peninsula of Malaysia, and two states on the northern part of Borneo. One can hang out on the beautiful beaches, or vacation in traditional wooden houses built on stilts, or work in one of the super modern skyscrapers of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas Twin Towers are 451.9 meters tall, making it the tallest twin building in the word!

Whether you’re interested in Malaysia’s vibrant economy, its cultural diversity, its unspoiled beaches, or its unique mix of ancient traditions and 21st century modernity, Malaysia has something for you.

Visas we handle for Malaysia:

  • Most nationals including Russian – Iranian – Iraqi – Australian traveling to Malaysia for tourism can obtain a Malaysian visa upon arrival. The process is straightforward, and you do not need our assistance. However, at Australian Education Center, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have on the procedure.
  • Students must obtain their student visa before they travel to Malaysia.
  • Once again: most students can’t fly to Malaysia, and apply for their student visa inside of Malaysia! Students must obtain their Malaysian student visa first, and fly to Malaysia second. We provide services to assist students and family members obtain a Malaysian student visa in approximately 10 to 15 working days.
  • Here at Australian Education Center, we are ready to help you with payments of all Malaysian Government fees associated with your Malaysian student visa, without any extra charges.

Please contact us today for a free visa consultation session.