Let’s be honest. If it weren’t for Germany, Europe would be an economic basket case.

The hard working, serious, organized German people are carrying the weight of all the lazy Europeans who don’t feel like waking up in the morning and earning a living! But here is the interesting thing: the German system functions so efficiently, and so well, that the people in Germany don’t mind working- in fact, they like it. As they say in Germany, “work sets you free”… and apparently it does! Everyone wants to go to Germany- to work, to study, and to live.

Over eight percent of the population of Germany is made up of foreigners. In fact, Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the entire world. The only country that beats Germany is the United States of America. However, unlike America, Germany offers a strong and stable social security system, high quality universal health care, and a tuition free university education system which attracts top students from all over the world. In 2014, Germany officially ended college tuition fees, not just for German students, but also for international students.

The high quality of German education is just one example of Germany’s rich intellectual culture. Germany also has over 6,200 museums, 820 theatres, 130 professional orchestras and 8,800 libraries, and Germany publishes an incredible volume of books- almost 100,000 titles per year.

Germany is an economic powerhouse of a country offering high levels of employment, free education, a real intellectual culture, and a genuine openness to foreigners. It is therefore no surprise that so many people dream of being there.

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